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Originally Posted by ohtobediscing View Post
^^^The risk of losing a disc is part of the game---a bit of personal gambling against Mother Nature, so to speak.
If you're losing discs often you must suck at dg as bad as you suck at literacy. I suggest you take up bowling: its really hard to lose your ball.
The pros:
Embed an RFID chip in your disc that costs about 4 cents per unit.
Attach a 20-30$ RFID reader to your Iphone and have an App that works like Hot and Cold game, beeps louder/faster as you get near your disc.
Not see where your shot went at dusk? save 2 minutes of hunting around for it.
Not have a clue where your disc is in 30 feet of barely penetratable thorns? Save half a pint of blood at least knowing roughly where it is before you wade in.
Lose your favorite driver that's perfectly seasoned on a shot that was ALMOST perfect but happened to nudge an iron leaf and rocket 75 feet in an unknown direction? No more swearing and buying 7 other wraiths to find another one that flew like the first damn one.

Having a smug elitest throw a shot in thorns and poison ivy in a tournament round and having to help him look for it because "We don't need no stinkin' Disc GPS!" Well, at least we're happy that you can insult with the best of em on an internet forum.

Seriously man, you might be too good to need it but for the rest of us mortals it would save us a hell of alot of time and aggrovation and would not cost you a damn thing.

There's some chinese students at MIT working on such a system too, and if it ever went mainstream and was practical it would be about 6 months before everyone would wonder how they ever lived without it.
Sometimes technology is a GOOD thing.
I don't know if the disc companies would go for it, it might cost them a little sales, but RFID stickers now come as small as candy "dots" and probably weigh half a gram. Could just take em off for tournaments until PDGA catches up with progress.

Sorry, I really can just not understand your point of view at all. Something that helps other people that no one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to use is win/win.

(part of the problems to be solved is that most "passive RFID" chips only work at fairly short range, readers are available but there aren't any apps written for them yet for that purpose.. but HELL YES I'd shell out the price of a couple discs for something like it.)

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