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Originally Posted by abochkod View Post
Are you people serious? In would definitely pay so that I didn't lose discs anymore. If I could save time looking for discs, save money replacing them, and save more time waiting for the replacements to beat in like the lost discs. That would be awesome. Especially since not all discs are replaceable. I mean sure lose a DX Valkyrie no problems but lose a ten time Teebird and that's kind of an issue for some people. And I don't think it's really relevant but I've been playing for about five years so I wouldn't call myself a "new player". In fact I don't think I know any players that don't have a disc that they really wouldn't want to lose.
I didn't even think about OOP/collectors discs, good point. It's just as bad with production discs too, especially certain makers who might as well not even label half their discs, sometimes I feel like it's a crapshoot if the replacement disc I buy will be anything like the original, even when they're the same run from the same store.

The only disc I lost last season was one that went in the pond at deer lakes, unretrievable because of park rules, but we've all probably spent hundreds of hours looking for discs (ours and other peoples) over the years if you play courses with heavy underbrush. And I can't think of one time it's ever been fun.
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