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Originally Posted by discgolf4lif3 View Post
throw in the fairway.. problem solved

I should have thought of that.
I forgot on the internet every single shot everyone's ever thrown has always landed on the fairway. How silly of me.
I'll have to remember that next time I'm neck deep in thorns looking for my discs and find one with a name like ohtobediscing or discgolf4lif3 so I can smile.
And of course no one's ever had to look for a card mate's disc even though they themselves are perfect.

Gotta love the internet, this is one forum I'd love to see people post their real names more often. If as many people I meet on the course acted like they do on the internet I never would have started playing in the first place.

Seriously, would you tell a complete stranger that to his face right after he tossed a bad shot off the tee in a tournament? And how long do you think you'd be walking around with all your teeth if you did?

25 years of disc golf and 99.9% of the actual people you meet are the nicest guys in the world, yet even on a disc golf forum 50% of the people come across as total douches. Are ya proud?

(In all fairness that's probably about 30% less then most other internet forums, and a ton of people on here do seem exactly like all the nice people DG is all about about. And I really should know better by now then to get sucked in by the trolls. It's just hard sometimes.)

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