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I honestly can say without a doubt, MVP makes the best discs i have ever thrown. They fly farther with less effort for me, and i have tried everything.. I used to throw only Innova and a couple discraft, but then MVP released discs and i tried other companies like lat64 and westside and i have been replacing everything in my bag ever since.

I wouldn't replace a disc i have thrown for 5 years with something else if it didnt improve my game. Call it fanboy.. w/e you want. I just throw what i like and MVP makes discs i really like

Why be a hater? I do not go around hating on other people who like to throw innova, discraft, lat64, westside, gateway, millennium, etc...

People like "The Hammer" need to grow up and have respect for other opinions, if you dont like it, just go elsewhere, why waste energy trying to talk trash to other people here? If it makes you feel good to bash other people because they have different likes than you maybe you have a problem.

Just because i like every disc MVP has released so far doesn't mean im going to like their future releases, it just happens that they have made some great discs so far.

The shock is what we have all been waiting for, don't be surprised if people get excited.
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