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Default Thanks for the feedback!

Originally Posted by KGroff25 View Post
If you watch the lower body and position of the back and hips in all of the videos of the pros, from the reach back to the release they're extremely similar. Also, McBeth's footwork is a little less exaggerated than some of the pros, but he's very precise and consistent with it. There's a lot that can be learned from watching their footwork and mimicking it.
Yeah a few months ago I watched these videos to get my timing down with the pull back and such, so I never focused about my legs, back, toes, and such. I see what you're saying about how they are bent and flexed. I think this will be a big thing that will get me to 475ft or more.

Originally Posted by KGroff25 View Post
You have a lot of things right in your form. The positioning of your arms/shoulders to drive the discs looks very good. My big critique for you is that it looks like your motion need to get more balanced and athletic. Your back and legs are both pretty straight and you're standing pretty tall when you throw. This means you're not letting the big muscle in your legs and midsection deliver any power. It also means your release is out of balance.

If you look at the first video of Will in slow motion, at about 41-43 seconds his knees are bent, in fact his back knee almost touches the ground. You can tell his legs are flexed throughout the motion and ready to deliver power.

Also, his upper body is bent at the waist and leaning forward towards the ground. It's not exaggerated, but from reach back to release he's probably bent forward at least 20-30 degrees from standing straight up.

Those two things lead to the ideal form to deliver power in baseball, ball golf, disc golf, etc. It's similar to the "athletic stance" that you get in when playing defense in basketball and football, waiting in the field in baseball, waiting for the return in volleyball, etc.

The final thing I noticed in your throw is that your follow through is a little off. But the Beato video does a really good job of explaining that from 3:45-4:45, so just watch and practice that.

To put it all together, the disc golf monthly video from 13:40-21:40 is absolute gold as far as teaching what the lower body is supposed to be doing during the throw. Watch that and practice it over and over as you work on getting more lower body into your throw.
I really appreciate all the thought and effort you put into your reply. I never noticed these things before and I'm very glad that you did. These references will really help me narrow down and see exactly what I need to see and learn. The lower body part of my form will be my big concern now. But how is my throw still off when I have little or no Off Axis Torque? Anyways, Thanks!

Originally Posted by TalbotTrojan View Post
Ha, nice video. What did you edit with? Looks like it was a simple editor. The more you pay for video editing software the more you can do. Also, check the frame rate on your camera. If you can film in a faster fram rate, do it. It will make the slow motion stuff look so much better.

As for your form, I think this is one of the best videos I have seen on here in a while that asked for feed back. You form actually reminds me of Will Schusterick.

That being said, if you are looking to improve, I would suggest a couple more videos. First, the infamous Dan Beato video. It appears as though you may actually have a tad bit of deceleration right as you realease the disc.

Also, I would double check your grip. Dave Feldberg does a great job of describing a good grip that will help transfer more power from your body to the disc.

Keep having fun.
Yeah I recorded with my iPhone 4 and edited it with iMovie. I didn't go all out with the video because I know it's still not perfect but I wanted to have some fun and get my mind off some stuff. Glad you liked it. And yes I do have high-end editors like AE and PR. But iMovie gets the job done at a slightly above average look and ease.

Thanks for the reference to Mr. Will! Made me blush.

I think the hesitation is in the pull back. I think I created that when I was trying to get my timing down. So it helps get the power I think.

Yeah I love that video and watch it from time to time. I think my grip is god for my small hands so yeah.

And I always seek fun before competition! (Well I try!)

Originally Posted by sidewinder22 View Post
Keep on hucking kid. Maybe try slowing down/shortening the steps to make it more compact and focus on more late acceleration. It looks like you get a little flat on the rear foot and your balance is a little behind your heels, try staying more on the rear toes.
Thanks again sidewinder! Yeah I really need to focus on a smaller run up and step throw. I am just so use to doing this that I do this even for some midrange shots off the tee. I just feel more comfort and control. But with a slowed down throw will really help. That'll be the subject for the next video I put up!

And thanks for the tip about the toes! I looked at the toes of the pro vids and their feet are hardly never flat. Thanks!
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