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Originally Posted by KatanaFrenzy View Post
But how is my throw still off when I have little or no Off Axis Torque? Anyways, Thanks!
What I saw is that it looks like you keep spinning around your front plant foot on your follow through. I'm guessing you developed that to help focus on gaining speed in your rotation/throwing motion.

What I would suggest is focusing more on driving your momentum directly through the disc and at your target. Focus on all your energy finishing in a linear line right at the target instead of just rotating through the finish. For me, it feels like I'm falling forward at the target on release rather than just spinning around my front plant foot.

To try to make it more clear, from your reach back to your follow through your left foot should rotate around your body and finish anywhere from 135 to 225 degrees from where it started(aka + or - 45 degrees from 180) depending on if your throwing hyzer, anhyzer, or somehwere in between. If your throwing straight, it should be somewhere around 180 degrees.

What I'm seeing from you is that your left foot is rotating around your body somewhere from 225-270 degrees nearly every throw. This means your momentum is driving you around your plant foot rather than straight at your target.

In the first video, Will is cranking hard on anhyzers so he's finishing at 225 degrees plus. But in all the other videos, him and the rest of the players rarely ever finish with more than 180 degrees of rotation. You can also see that when they're throwing hard, their momentum carries them directly off the tee-pad at their target. This is because they're driving all their momentum through the disc at the target and their body follows.

McBeth does a really good job of this in the 2 throws after the 2:00 mark in that video. You can also watch his shoulders/chest and see that it almost looks like the momentum is going to carry him through to fall over straight at the target. The McCabe video shows the same thing.

I think a lot of that will actually take care of itself as you work on the rest of your footwork and getting in a lower-athletic stance. You'll start to feel more momentum and force driving through your legs, hips and out through your chest/shoulders. Then you can focus on driving that momentum out though the disc on more or less a straight line directly at the target.

I hope that makes sense and comes off as constructive rather than just critiquing. This is the first time I've tried to give form advice over the internet rather than in person. I think without the videos as a visual to refer to I would be lost trying to explain what I mean.
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