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Originally Posted by rocthecourse View Post
Originally Posted by ZAMson View Post
Yup. The testing is done long before they get them. Hype men is probably more accurate.
Just to clarify, I put "Testers" in quotes to distinguish the actual testers (Mikes + UPS) from myself and ZJ. I get info and plastic at a different time for a different purpose than the testers, that's all. They test for the forum, IMO.

Originally Posted by plex View Post
The shock is what we have all been waiting for, don't be surprised if people get excited.
Also, don't be surprised if the Shock is what nobody was waiting for. It's a great pairing between Shock/Volt, but it's not the stark contrast that you'd imagine based on other brands' Battleship approach to the flight chart grid.

They're both tight control drivers; Volt favors the Turn phase, Shock dampens its Turn and favors the Fade. It's two styles of stable control driver -- and I use the term stable correctly here. These are made for the most common course-shredding lines, not the utility stuff like meathooks or meatrolls.
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