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Originally Posted by ZAMson View Post
I threw Shocks today with my modestly-skilled arm.

Here's my arm, throwing primarily shallow to medium hyzer-flips:
- a 172g lightly worn Star SW = no-wind long straight (using turn + fade)
- a 172g lightly worn SOLF = headwind long straight (using turn + fade)
- a 175g freshy QOLF = headwind straight + fade

The Shocks would be taking the SOLF spot. Power wasn't really turning them -- that's similar to my QOLFs. Headwind + power was getting a nice useable turn from them.

Calm winds, the Shock would get a straight flight and good forward fade. Headwinds, I'd get a nice control line with a shallow turnover that stretches out for distance and fades back to center. It was kinda like the Shocks flew in a headwind like the Volt does in no wind.
Sounds like another good competitor to the stable 9/10 speed-high speed-control-fairway-tweener-driver category with the Starfire, SL, Orc, Viking, OLF, PD, Avenger, Saint, Striker, Mirus, Northman, Stag, Escape, Volt, Ascent, and Trak. You have to give MVP credit for taking the Volt and tweaking it closer to the "teebird/faster teebird" standard which everyone seems to desire so much. MVP and Vibram do appear to have the best direct customer relationships in the industry.
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