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Originally Posted by JTacoma03 View Post
I'm not insulting you, I never said the first thing to you. You picked a bone with me if you'll read the thread back. My "lens" size has nothing to do with this. It's a simple principle - I opine about what I know, and I listen to those more knowledgeable on what I don't. I'm proud that you and New have seen this device...I've seen the Blue Angels multiple times, but that doesn't make me a pilot.

I think it's funny that you're upset and want to play martyr when called out...but you ganged up on me in the first place. I had no beef with you until you started some.
You said I was ignorant and I need to go back to prerubing people, how is that not saying the first thing to me? My point was not that this was the greatest technology, just that people are underestimating it. It has been used in large events to prove its self. I also understand not naming these events hurts my creibility, but I am not allowed to talk about specifics. I am sure your knowledge of cinematography dwarfs mine, but I will keep trying to make my point and I will always defend new013 no mater how big of a troll he is.
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