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Originally Posted by AndyJB View Post

Obviously Millenium and Innova don't have the same realtionship that Discmania and Innova have, but I'm wondering if, because there IS a connection, however tenuous, if you are allowed the throw Millenium in competition? I've never seen an Innova pro do so, so I can assume the answer is "no" but perhaps it's as simple as none of you really care for their discs.

If you could throw Millenium, what discs would you throw, if any?

Also (sorry for the double question) if you could bring back one extinct Innova mold, what would it be? My vote is for the Pegasus.
Millenium is part of Innova so yes i can throw them. I know Steve Brinster throws some Millenium, I myself have never been a fan of millienum but i have never really given them a chance.