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Originally Posted by chrishysell View Post
I am the noob that this thread is about. It's all clear to me now.
Not really. The noob that this thread is about doesn't know what a hyzer flip is, and might even have a hard time throwing a hyzer. That noob confuses the overstable finish of his discs with a disc that is released on a hyzer angle, and can't see any difference between the two. I'm pretty sure you don't do that, and could throw a hyzer flip or a hyzer if you wanted to. I'm also willing to bet you could probably throw mids and putters pretty well if you wanted to.

There's a difference between starting out playing and developing a limited game that depends on a single shot, and choosing a playing style like you have after long experience. The OP said that his brothers throw anhyzers with speed stable discs and don't know any other way, or even think that's the only way. They are the noobs that are limiting their game. The aren't making a choice not to hyzer flip or hyzer informed by experience and knowledge, and that's one of the many things that makes them noobs and you a sponsored pro.

Also, the OP seems to be looking for confirmation that this limited approach isn't the best way to become a better disc golfer. I think we can all confirm that ignoring a huge range of shots and kinds of discs (i.e. only using overstable discs) is not the best way to learn the game and get better. After all, you yourself said it best: "If you're new to the game, start with an approach or midrange driver,and master it inside and out. Figure out how to turn it in any direction, and how to get distance with it. Once you're comfortable and you've got your technique down, then it's time to reach for a long range drivers."
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