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Originally Posted by Buiscutboy View Post
I'm not going to get a backpack-style bag, I doubt I'd ever have enough discs that I use to require one. I was wondering if someone would tell me about the Mojo, however.

It looks like a nice size, and I can't imagine ever carrying more than 15 discs.

I don't, however, know anything about materials. Are those good ones? How's the construction? How much does it weigh? The side pockets look nice, how much can you fit in them? How durable is the bottom? And is it worth 100 dollars? I suppose the worth would be an opinion sort of thing.

I won't be getting one for a while, I can't even fill a Slim Jim right now. But I do like extra storage space
If the 10-15 discs is all you will ever have? then it is the perfect bag you are looking for. Construction is top notch. 1000D Cordura and the bottom is the same material used in flak jackets. The side pockets are large enough to hold another 5 drivers in each. It is fairly light for its construction, and it is very well worth the 100 dollars. If you want more info, you can check out their website
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