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Originally Posted by Mando View Post
News flash; the majority of disc golfers are rec level & novices and very few of them play tournaments. That's the growth area for tournaments.

No argument there, we need to cater to the rec divisions to grow the others.
I guess I was just trying to say I could see the future making room for more playerbase.. especially one day tournaments in some areas expanding to one day pros/am1 field, one day am2,3, etc.(like some of the majors being separate weekends for am/pro.) Some of the heavier DG market areas already do that.
Right now course crowding is sporadic, depends on your area, how many courses you have to work with, what other competition is same date and distance away, etc.
Everyone hates 5 somes but everyone also hates seeing anyone get turned away too, and some TD's only have one course to work with so it'll be interesting to see what happens 20 years from now if DG keeps growing at the pace it's at.
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