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I'll answer what I can.
Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
My main questions i have as a disc dyeing noob is how one goes about doin multicolor graphics? Ive seen some threads that have small blurbs with pics that arent very well explained.
There are a few methods here, but I'll start you off on the simplest. Let's assume you want to put black, dark blue, green, and yellow on a disc. You'd leave uncovered only the parts that were black first, then peel and dye the dark blue parts, then peel and dye the green, then yellow. The downside to this method is that you can only work in colors that won't 'overlap' each other; you can't dye red on top of dark blue and have the result be red and dark blue- the dark blue will turn purple.

Figuring out how to put opposing colors on a disc isn't hard after that, the tricky part is remasking so you don't cover anything you want uncovered.
Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
Another question is how to pick out good graphics to put on a disc or proper methods of taking the image i want and converting it to an acceptable stencil. Ive grabbed some images i want to use and when i try getting them to black and white they just dont look right, especially ones that are already black and white but need the colors inverted.
Print out the image you want, then trace it with a Sharpie. Work on a glass table with a light placed on the floor.
Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
Question on this one is was my dye not hot enough or did it need to sit even longer to come out a darker black? Also, any critiques on this disc?
Could be a lot of things. Could be that your dye isn't concentrated enough. Could be you didn't leave it on long enough. Could be you didn't have it hot enough. (I work at 150 degrees with Oracal 651- your mileage may vary.) Trial and error is the way to go here, and also probably iDye Poly.
Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
The second pic of the disc is after i tried to marble it... i think i used too much dye on the shopping bags and maybe too much pressure as it didnt leave much of a design and just looks like a bad leak job. Any critiques on this one? And any tips on using the marble method?
Yeah, don't. The marble method is ridiculously overrated. You can make some cool looking patterns with it, but they're not very predictable, and there are usually better, simpler options for creating 'texture', if that's what your after. But, if it's just a cool background you're looking for, go for it.
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