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Originally Posted by Meulen View Post
I don't own a Grip, and I haven't read the warranty clause. I would assume they offer a lifetime warranty for craftsmanship, not general wear and tear. In 5 years, a Grip will see some significant wear, depending on the golfer, which the failure of the bag can be attributed to, thus no longer qualifying for the warranty. Also, a lifetime warranty is only good while the manufacturer is still in business. If Grip EQ goes under tomorrow, kiss your lifetime warranty goodbye.
So what makes you think Voodoo will be sticking around, compared to Grip which has foot hold in the market, i'm pretty sure the latter will be around longer. As for lifetime warranty of my Grip and Physical Flight bag they cover the bag from anything like seam ripping, zippers breaking or material being torn. Yes with general where you will get the bag dirty and the materials will be worn however at any point if that bag rips at a seam which you can get with general wear then you can get a new one. People are going to be really pissed with their Voodoo backpack that blows up in 5 years and then the guy who had a Grip or PF bag just gets his totally replaced for free and is walking around with a new bag.

BTW i like how i never got an answer for the reasoning behind a 5 year warranty vs. lifetime especially since he said they haven't had one issue with the bags material.
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