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Originally Posted by BillyR View Post
So what makes you think Voodoo will be sticking around, compared to Grip which has foot hold in the market, i'm pretty sure the latter will be around longer. As for lifetime warranty of my Grip and Physical Flight bag they cover the bag from anything like seam ripping, zippers breaking or material being torn. Yes with general where you will get the bag dirty and the materials will be worn however at any point if that bag rips at a seam which you can get with general wear then you can get a new one. People are going to be really pissed with their Voodoo backpack that blows up in 5 years and then the guy who had a Grip or PF bag just gets his totally replaced for free and is walking around with a new bag.

BTW i like how i never got an answer for the reasoning behind a 5 year warranty vs. lifetime especially since he said they haven't had one issue with the bags material.
Originally Posted by BillyR View Post
Revolution was a fail because of the lack of quality materials and function.
As for warranty, would you want a car that had a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty or a lifetime unlimited mileage warranty. No brainer here. And if someone tries to justify why the warranty doesn't matter then you "sir" are frivolous and not logical.
I am no longer surprised that discussions are taken to the extreme here on DGCR, I should have learned this long ago. When the seam on your Grip blows out in five years after heavy wear, please copy me on the back-and-forth emails from Grip with regards to product replacement. I don't doubt the fact that they produce a top notch product, with top notch service. At some point, however, the lifetime warranty can no longer be granted as the bag has deteriorated from general use. If Grip is actually willing to replace a bag, no questions asked, I can't forsee them staying in business for the long haul.
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