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Originally Posted by mashnut View Post
Everything about our competitive setup goes against the traditional definitions of amateur and professional. We have almost no true professionals making a living off playing the game. Then again, everyone who plays competitively is playing for some kind of payout which isn't really an amateur thing.

That said, you're more than welcome to run trophy only tournaments, but I doubt you'd get much of a turnout. TDs don't run events the way they do because they have to, they do it because that's what most players seem to want.
One of the biggest tournament vendors in this country (and sponsor of this site) operates in my back yard, so I'm quite familiar with the "customer is always right" philosophy behind Am payout, and would probably kneel to it myself if I ever run an event one day.

That being said, I think maintaining the status quo contributes to unnecessarily high entry fees, and keeps out a lot of would be tournament players who might bite if said fees were half of what they currently are. As long as we keep doing what we've always done, we are not likely to get those folks on board, and we are going to always get what we've always gotten.
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