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Originally Posted by DatRedDude View Post
Imo most people want to see an R.O.I. if they do place. I won an ice bowl which is for charity so to get anything was a bonus. But paying 25$ to play a tourney and winning and only getting a cheap trophy would turn me away. Maybe thats the wrong mentality and i am part of the problem.
I wouldn't go so far as to call you part of the problem, but I might ask you to really put some thought into what you are paying for.

Myself I see it more in line with entertainment value then I do as a R.O.I. Like going to a movie theater to watch a new movie, I pay $10-$15 for my ticket and I expect a good movie to entertain me for a couple of hours. In this case my ROI is hopefully a movie I really enjoyed. Or going to a sporting event and forking over $50 for a ticket. I am there to be part of the atmosphere, not to try and win back some of the money I spent.

So I guess I would consider the small fee of $25 to enter the tournament my cost of admission to be entertained for a day. I get to have someone else do all the work of putting it together, assembling prizes and trophies, maybe even provide a small bite to eat (optional). For that small fee I get to show up with little effort done by me to play in an event with other DG'ers. I like to think I am paying for the experience, for the chance to interact with other fellow players, maybe learn a thing or two and if the planets align in some crazy way, even win, place or show. In that case, I would be thrilled that my $25 got me a full day of fun and if lucky a shiny new trophy too.

Would me getting some small return of $10 - $15 really change the experience I just had? I guess that is up to each individual person, but for me I dont believe it would. Like getting $5.00 for placing 6th wouldn't do a whole lot for me personally. In that case I would rather just donate it back to the TD or Club who took their time to put on the event. I don't see me spending $25 as an investment as much as I do me paying to be entertained.

Just my own personal expectation.
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