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From how long this whole argument of ams vs pros, cash vs merch, nothing vs everything, (it goes as far back as at least the late 80's from what I remember and not one single thing has changed except Al Gore inventing the internet so people could talk about it all the time) people don't seem to realize that the PDGA was not created just so people could argue about divisions. It was created to give structure to organized events and support the growth of the industry and to give players from all over a standardized set of rules to play by so no matter where they go, the rules are the same.

Simplest solution: (Which will probably make no one happy since it makes too much sense) Drop the whole AM/Pro thing entirely, understand once and for all that "Professional Disc Golfer" does not mean someone who playes disc golf for a living it means people who play disc golf in a professional and competitve way. Change the divisions to Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, Division 4 etc. and make qualifications purely ratings based. You could simply make all division play for cash (let's face it, this is what DG has always been for league play for ams, merch IS cash for tournaments or at least has cash value) or leave it as it is now, and "Division 1" would be the cash division and the rest continue with merchandise.

The whole cash vs merch system was created for alot of different reasons and has its pros and cons. In a perfect world we'd all want to play "trophy only" yet in a perfect world there would be billions of sponsership dollars begging to be given out too and players would be more easily to play for a living etc.
There's no real reason for it to go (a whopping 500$ in merch profit off the am divisions in this day and age once it's split among the pro field really isn't going to make or break the game or the players in either direction) but with disc manufacturers doing enough to promote themselves these days there's no real reason for it to stay either. (although it would ruin player's packs if all divisions played for cash and people like having souvenier discs.. but then again half the time it's a disc they don't use and gets given away.)
Sponsership money would go to the highest division/s only, and that would be the incentive to keep playing better and better.
more tourneys would become ratings qualified based.

I'm sure this will make no one happy But that's what we already are, Division 1, 2, 3, 4, it just happens to be called pro, am1, am2, am3. Not one bit of difference other then titles. And the whole cash vs merch thing.

Food for thought.

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