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Originally Posted by Scoot_er View Post
Division 1 = Open?

Why not just use Open instead of Pro?.....seems to be what they are doing by having Female Open and Open Masters.....Obviously Open doesn't mean open to everyone as the name would suggest.
It still pretty much is called just that by the older players (cant remember when the initials for the divisions came out but they were fairly straightforward until someone decided to change them around because they thought they had a bright idea.. another thing that didnt seem broken then but what's done is done), you signed up for the pdga as a "pro" but always referred to playing open. Sometimes I think that's what gets people all bent out of shape one way or the other. It's amazing how often people try to make something "Clearer" and just end up muddying the waters. Look at politics or the american legal or tax system. DG's been pretty change resistant since the basics are... well, basic.
On the other hand look at the controversy created over the rule changes for 2013 about calling discs illegal and pretty much needing a surveyor a lawyer and possibly a psychiatrist to explain just what the hell the new mando rule was supposed to "clear up" when there was nothing wrong with the wording of it before. On the positive side, sometimes common sense prevails and this year players can use their smart phones.. which was something that was as inevitable as casinos changing their policy on photography when phones started having cameras.
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