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On a side note, before the ratings system people used to sign up for the PDGA pretty much based on what they played for their local leagues, you played open you joined as a pro, you played am, joined as am. The ratings system changed all that and has done wonders for players trying to figure out just who they should be playing against competitively. It may not be perfect and there will always be some overlap between divisions but it works out pretty darn well in practice. The whole 888 rule is another one of those "Bright ideas" that may look good on paper but also has its pros and cons, the idea of punishing a player for not returning for a round and making it harder on TDs (if he's having a bad day and trying to preserve a rating) is sound, but trying to enforce it in the field for a player that is deliberately trying to play worse is practically impossible now matter how complicated or simple the rule is. No one's ever going to say "You hit that tree on purpose!" (except your discs.)
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