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Originally Posted by DavidSauls View Post
And yet.....

We've seen how many players rise to over 1000-rating while still playing Advanced? If players didn't improve while playing with the same talent, there'd never be any cries of "bagger" because everyone would stay the same.

Meanwhile, I've "played up", one way or another, in 90% of the tournaments I've played over the past 15 years. I'm getting worse. I've seen plenty of people plateau and, despite the fact that they keep "playing up", they don't get any better.

If there's any effect, it's from playing casual rounds and practice rounds and local league play with better players. But tournaments? The evidence isn't there.
Hi David.
I picked up a few new tricks this year but they were actually from players at my own level, I was just paying attention (for a change). I think you can always learn from other players as long as they're at roughly the same skill on up. Bumping up in divisions should theoretically expose you to a wider variety of shots and techniques but I agree it really has no overwhelming effect on a players skill and shouldn't be anyones motivation for changing.
The old reasoning for playing mixed division first rounds came from the assumption that newer players would learn from older players because the older players had more experience and when disc golf was small and there was no youtube and internet it was sound reasoning.
I've come to appreciate that disc golf has evolved beyind that early level and the same division shuffle first round is the way to go.

Motivation for choosing divisions should be based solely on the cigar scale.

Motivations for choosing your division usually falls into one of these catagoreies for most players:

1.Smoke everyone like a cheap cigar. Every time.
2.Smoke everyone like a cheap cigar, If you're on fire.
3.Have a chance at cigar money if you're having a good day.
4.Have a chance at getting smoked like a cheap cigar, If you're having a bad day and deserve it.
5.Getting smoked like a cheap cigar. Every time. They like to donate and like the higher division name.

2,3, and 4 are what people hopefully aim for.
Hmm.. I don't even smoke cigars.. Why do I have these disc thingies...

Let's not forget 6. Have a good time, meet new people, and not ruin anyone elses good time by behaving in a sportsmanlike manner regardless of division.

5 days to Charlotte David, how's the weather been down there?
(you responded on my posts in the travel road trip thread awhile back)
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