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Originally Posted by JTacoma03 View Post
However the justification for script is - not everyone wants to be a "Pro" player. In disc golf lingo we often just call it "Open", but what it is in practicality is professional vs. amateur players - and they have different mentalities and purposes for playing the game.
Sure, I get it that not everyone wants to go Pro, I'm also an amateur that probably never goes Pro. But what I don't understand is why amateur disc golfers feel that they need to get something worth money when they do well in a tournament. I've competed in other sports, and got trophies and medals, never money or scrip. Why did I go to all those competitions if there was nothing to be gained out of them? Because I wanted to compete, and see if I can win. And when I did get a trophy or a medal, I felt good, and never thought that I should get money for this. That's what competition should be about - competing, not making profit. Making profit is for Pros.

But this playing for profit is so deeply ingrained in disc golf, I can see it's hard to change it even for amateurs. Maybe if PDGA changed it's payout guidelines to say that there should be no payout in amateur divisions, only trophies. Of course, some people would then make unsanctioned tournaments so that they can still play for money, but then they wouldn't get ratings for those tournaments, and for many people getting ratings also seems important. It would be interesting to see how it went, but I'm not holding my breath.
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