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Originally Posted by JTacoma03 View Post
All good, water under the bridge.

The express version of my critique of the technique is that the technology as it stands now doesn't allow for an efficient workflow in shooting disc golf tournaments. It mainly boils down to money, for disc golf is it's not financially feasible across the board. You either need a larger crew or more expensive equipment in order to be properly efficient enough to shoot this type of event in a way that will cut together and sell.

On a calm, slow day on the course where you've got the time and are not restricted by tournament-play it's awesome. You'll get some sick shots for sure (as the flyboy vids proved).

If I were assigning fault it would be only 10-15% on the copter/camera mount itself. It's predominantly the logistics of tournaments and the limitations of the cameras used. You'll be compromising somewhere along the line if you don't have the $$ to invest.
Yeah I see what your point was. Monetarily it would not be feasable for disc golf, but it has the capabilities to do a great job if money were not an issue. This is where my problem was. I thought you implied the technology was not ready for the task, when it seems like you are saying the sport is not ready to afford the technology.
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