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Originally Posted by MrDarkHorse View Post

So when I created this thread I was asking for help for approach shots.

The stuff from Dan Beato and Blake T are really good, but it seems like it's really more for a more intermediate/advanced player looking to take things to the next level. Beato's form in particular seems like a pretty big deviation from the "normal" throwing technique.

Maybe I'm wrong. That's just my impression.

Most of the video instruction and stuff I can find is centered around driving and power. I'd like like to know more about precision form for shots inside of 250'. And I don't want loopy hyzers. I want to throw in a strait line as much as possible. (at least for now... I can practice hyzers later)

I think the snap videos have helped my form, as well as the stuff about leading with the elbow. But I'm not sure I can adequately power down these technique, or if that's even the right thing to do.

I completely willing to read about and try any technique, but unfortunately I don't have anyone that knows what they're doing to watch me throw.
The thing with approach shots like that is many people, myself included, got into disc golf from Ultimate or playing catch. In those activities distance driving isn't anywhere near as important as other skills (approach range throws and catching). So all of these people just throw approach shots like they've always thrown a lid but they might aim differently becasue of the stronger fade many putters have.

Throwing a putter that far accurately doesn't really require good technique, so your throw can be jacked up in dozens of different ways that rob you of power. Because robbing you of power is what you're looking for there are dozens of ways you can build an approach shot that are all about as good as one another.

Combining those, you get dozens of different techniques for powering down that people use, but few have actually practiced or thought about explicitly. The best advice I've heard is to just play catch with friends. That's really all I have experience with when it comes to learning this stuff.

If I were to analyze my approach I'd say that I use something like a control or fan grip from here (the same one I use for putting):

I don't really get any shoulder rotation except for anything near 200', I strong arm it and I don't really get any weight shift. Unless it's the longer end I don't take my eyes off the target, either.

The problem with me analyzing it is I have a hard time recommending that anyone spend time trying to emulate that. I put way more effort into throwing 200' that way than I do throwing 250' with "good" (or my attempt at good) technique. For me it's just muscle memory of the technique I naturally came up with between the ages of 6 and 26.

So that's why you're getting driving advice rather than approach specific advice. You either just power down a whole lot by weakening your grip and shortening your reach back of your normal drive, or do what you've always done. I will reiterate that I find that mids are much more difficult to control in that range.
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