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Originally Posted by Pwingles View Post
For the most part I am a big fan of your flight guide, but from what ive heard some of these guys say, this isnt accurate.

I have a hard time thinking this would fly similar to an OLF for ZJ and an Eagle L for others. Even tho mvp's consistency is just as bad as any other manufacturer, i dont see this much variation in flight being a true possibility.

* edit, so ZJ, its an EL with fade????
I guess ive never thrown a 'good' EL :/

Playing devil's advocate, it's certainly within the realm of possibilities that it would fly like an OLF for some or an EL for others as it really seems to fall between the two:

Eagle Shock Orion LF

Even very minor adjustments to throw power and angle of release (nose angle, hyzer, anhyzer, etc.) could certainly make the Shock land in the spectrum of distances & stabilities between the OLF and EL.
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