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After careful consideration I think the only thing lacking in Inbounds' representation of the Shock flight is due to the unique physics of MVP. I'd wanna see a much longer straight travel before any turn (turning at 50' implies unstable HSS), then a later and overall more gentle turn, and the fade is pretty accurate. The lateral movement is a little beyond a flat hard throw... IMO it indicates some headwind, shallow anny, or overpower factors.

I don't have insight into Inbounds' display logic, but I can say for sure that MVP's physics would confound the flight calculators we built for DN, if we were to begin displaying a plotted flightpath instead of staggered stabilities/distances. Not so much a critique of the Shock path or Inbounds' system... I simply think that the "ratings" for MVP equate to different types of line sequences.

MVP's rating system is well in the works though, and it breaks some new ground in charting that I think you guys will enjoy
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