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I love MVP's discs. I putt with an Ion after trying many others. All their discs feel great in my hand. They come out clean. They seems like have a little extra glide with less power.

BUT, the classification of their drivers seems to be completely different from my experience with them. I have:

- A Volt that I bought a few weeks after it was released that has the One Nation Under Par logo on it. 172g

- An Amp that I pre-ordered with the designer Disc Nation stamp on it. 170g

- A brand new Shock that has just the base Neutron plastic and stamp. 169g

I had already given up on the Amp, but threw the Volt and Shock for a round at Delaveaga early this morning.

If I were to rate them in terms of stability from most stable to least, that would be:


The opposite of what they are advertised as.

The Amp I could not get to flip over at all. Straight to a strong fade was the best I could do. Even if I put anhyzer on it, it flattened out and faded quickly. I gave it to my friend, who ended up using it for short Spike hyzers.

The Volt is my favorite. It seems to turn a little bit mid flight when I give it a good snap. But dependably fades in the end. This is my go to fairway driver now. First disc I can get to go straight most of the way down a tunnel shot, (e.g. 11/24/26a at Dela.)

The Shock this morning was like an understable driver. I turned immediately. I used it to get left to right action predictably on many shots this morning. A couple times I flipped it completely and it just stayed to the right and almost became a roller.

What is the deal? I'm pretty happy with with the Shock and Volt. But they aren't anything like what they are advertised in my hands! I'm afraid to loose my Volt because I don't expect the next one to be the same as this one
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