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I see a lot of people talking about understability and discs that are understable.

For years I've understood it as:
Understable-Pronounced amount of turn, and even if it has fade, will still finish right (assuming RHBH) of where your release point was (I.e. Sidewinder, Roadrunner, Avenger SS, Archangel, Wolf [ugh])
Neutral/Stable-May have significant turn or fade, but will finish more or less in a direct line straight ahead of your release point (I.e. Eagle, Buzzz, Axis, Gazelle)
Overstable-Generally straight upon release, though may have some turn, with a strong fade to always finish to the left of your release point (Viper, Whippet, Nuke OS, Wraith, Pig)

If this is the true defintion, which, like I said, I believe to be correct, then I would lump all of MVPs drivers into the "Neutral/Stable" class judging from anecdotal evidence, as well as my own experience. From tester vids and flight charts, I would say the Shock could almost be overstable, depending on arm speed, and the Amp could almost be understable, just not quite. I love my Volts, and I think I will like the Shock since I love Eagles of all kinds and theyseem roughly similar. But (and I asked this earlier in the thread) I'm not really seeing MVPs goal in releasing all these drivers. It seems to me (and this is in no way a knock on MVP, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool MVP fanboy) that they are just experimenting and putting them on the market because they know wewill buy them by the truckload...
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