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Originally Posted by zj1002 View Post
I think you are seeing the drivers respond differently to skill levels. The gyro pushes the disc into the direction of hit(weight shifting...).
Well, my problem is that the same throw seems turn over more with the Shock, than the Volt, and the Amp wouldn't turn over at all.

I was throwing them one after the other on holes I play 2-3 times a week, so it seems pretty clear how they behave for me.

Could I have something systematically wrong with my drive? Absolutely.

But other discs seem to behave they way they are advertised for the most part. e.g. My Destroyer is overstable. My Sidewinder in understable. A new or champion T-bird stays straight when I throw it with power, until the end where it fades (although DX tbirds and Valks vary greatly for me, especially once they are worn in). However, these disks don't glide as nicely as my MVP discs do
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