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Originally Posted by Dan Howard View Post
Next one sisyphus, the last auction I tried didn't go so well but these are different. Thanks for the love guys, I'm really still holding out for word on Jeff, I think today may have been the big day for him. Until I find out what's up I'll continue to do a few to keep the interest going, after that we'll see.
Originally Posted by Dan Howard View Post
I'm staying out of the discussion, I told Jeff I wouldn't reveal the info he shared with me. The quoted comment shouldn't have been made, too late and too many beers is my poor excuse.

Let me apologize in advance for the joke im about to make....Dan this is nothing against you or Jeff. Its all in fun.


between those 2 quotes allow me to do a monologue

Scene: Jeff is in prison in one of the lil visitation rooms like you see on tv with the glass and the row of phones and all that. Dan is sitting at one of the booths and Jeff walks in and sits down at the booth in front of Dan and picks up the phone.

Jeff: Hey Dan, how is it on the outside?
Dan: its good, but the guys on DGCR are really making a fuss about all this brainwave stuff.
Jeff: I know. Ive heard, it really is something that I came up with huh?
Dan: Yeah, but man you're gonna have to tell me how you do it. They're really getting restless and some of them are really getting close and putting up some cool stuff. YOU GOTTA TELL ME so we can stave them off until you can get out, or I will carry the scepter for you.
***Jeff puts his hand to the glass***
Jeff: The secret is in the touch
***Jeff winks and pulls his hand away from the glass leaving a brainwave like design***