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Originally Posted by Pwingles View Post
Is it possible that psycologically youre tryin to manipulate the flight so much that youre underpowering the amp and overpowering the volt/shock? Because of a preconceived notion about how they should fly?
Maybe, but I don't think so.

For example, I tried the Volt and the Shock on a straight downhill hole that I recently switched to using a fairway driver or long Mid Range (Squall) because I can overthrow it into the street with a full driver. This is hole 6 at Delaveaga in Santa Cruz for those familiar with that course.

I threw the disc I usually throw now - The Volt. I had a nice rhythm going that morning (in fact tying my best score ever in short positions, -1). With the Volt I got within 25 feet of the hole. Then I just tried to throw the exact same way with the Shock, it turned over, landed about the same distance, but about 70 feet to the right. (By the other short position)

Then the rest of the day I used the Shock in situations where I often try to use an understable driver to get right to left action (holes 7, 9, 10, 15) and it worked really well for that. Predictably turning over without attempting to put a lot of power on it. I actually birdied 7, which is not that common for me. On 15 where I need a bit more power to reach the pin, I overpowered the throw and it flipped over hard to the right.

This is all with Right handed Back hand throws.

811rv > wonder if you did check the PLH on those three driver molds?

Nope, what is PLH?
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