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How does the right pec drill differ from the closed shoulder snap drill?
The closed shoulder drill teaches you to not be robotic in your movements. That each preceding motion should be accelerating the next. It can teach you not to strong arm the right pec and to flow through the motions correctly.

I can't get my elbow as high as Beato's seems to be; is that critical, or should I just have it at a comfortable height?
You don't have to hold it as high as beto. Play around with different pull heights to see what fits your body best.

Are there vids/pics of drills that start closer to the hit? It's called "working the hit backwards" but the hit is only the last 10% or so. I've tried working on it on my own, but my body positions are not right.
The hammer pound drills will give you the feeling of what a good hit feels like.

You aren't trying to throw like this, just get the feeling by going through the motions slowly:

1. Get really comfortable with the hammer pounds.
2. Eliminate any reachback or body rotations for now.
3. Try to get the hammer pound feeling when you do the right pec drill.
4. Blake's rail pictures are good for fine tuning and understanding.

Rinse and repeat as needed. This stuff can take a while(years) to get down.
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