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Finally got to test my 177+ GT Buzzzes out in the field today. I tried to throw the discs in different releases to see how they flew and also threw it against my ESP Buzzz 177+.

The flight: The GT Buzzz flew similar to other Buzzzes I have thrown however it was had a tad bit more HSS. LSS stability was also a touch more then my ESP.

When released with slight-hyzer the GT would flip flat and the disc would have a rating of -0.25/2.2.5. My ESP is spot on -0.5/2.0. The disc went farther with better glide then my ESP Buzzz as well.

The Plastic: This Cryztal Z plastic was amazing. The plastic was grippy yet was a firmer blend then other Cryztal plastics I have felt including Nukes, Forces, and Buzzzes. I am unsure if this was a special blend, but it feels great. I hit a fence, a tree, and the frozen ground, and not a scratch on the disc.

Overall, the disc flew like my ESP Buzz with a touch more HSS stability which I wanted. The plastic is amazing and gets a thumbs up. My friend also threw several of his Z GT Buzzzes and the flight was slightly more stable then his Z discs. We were both super impressed with the GT. I will be keeping it in the bag and if the plastic is as good as I feel it will be, it should be in for a while (plus I got another).

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