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Default Too many mids... what to throw?

Well fellow players, I've gotten myself in a place. I'm afraid the answer's probably subjective, but what the heck, let's get some input.
I've got too many mids. I like to keep my mids in different stability slots. I've got a sweet low weight Gold Line Fuse for my understable. I love this disc, and it's a lock in my bag. On the other end of the spectrum, I have a great gummy 175 CFR 2010 Gator. If I need a disc to head left, slam dirt and stick, it's a no brainer. It's a glideless brick of a meathook mid, and is also a lock in my bag.
Now in between is where I have issues. The Core is a great, glidey stable mid. My Cores seem to have very little fade when thrown flat. Thing is, I don't like them under 200'. The glide is too hard to dial in. Off the tee, I love this disc though, it's a great disc to hyzer flip to a straight glide out to 250-275'.
I used to have an amazing Z Buzzz. Less glidey than the Core, and with the fade I could rely on, it seemed to be a great disc from anywhere from 150-250'. Held lines, whatever I asked. Fought out of anny releases to land flat, well most of the time. But I lost it, and haven't "bonded" with a new Z Buzzz since, even though I now own a couple again.
Late last season I added a Pain to the bag to complement my Gator, Core and Fuse. Seems that it lacks the glide of the Core and Fuse, and barely longer than the Gator. Has a decent fade, but it's easy for me to turn it over, and doesn't seem to fade out of that situation. Honestly, I'd rather carry a Hornet, but I don't own any. I've put my Pains up for sale, but part of me wants to keep them since they's so dang pretty. :3
The Ghost is my wild card. Lacks the glide of the Core, but that means I can just sling it and not worry about over shooting my target. Honestly though, I expected more fade. I've not had a lot of rounds with one in the bag, but it seems if I give it a fair chance I could really like it. Meanwhile, I seem to go to my Wizards anytime I'm under 200'. So I'm afraid of a ton of overlap with the Ghost and Wizard combo.
So, I put it out there. Between the Pain, Ghost, Core and Buzzz, what would you carry to fill the gap between the Gator, Fuse and Wizard? My fairways are currently Predator, Eagle X, Volt, Stalker and River, but I'll be putting the River against the Amp this spring. So, I'm not looking for distance longer than the fairways. I'd love to carry them all, but my bag's a Double Nutsac, and 12-13 discs is my hard limit, and mids take up a lot of room.

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