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Default Forehand grip Q. Finger pad placement.

Iím starting to work a forehand into my game and I want to develop proper technique. My question centers on where to put the pad of your middle finger. On the rim or on the flight plate or wedged into the spot where the rim and the flight plate meet. Would like to hear some opinions.

Iím going to talk this out to give you an idea of where my thinking is at. Feel free to call me a nutty noob on any point.

Pad placement seems to me very important as it seems like how you place your pad is going to dictate how you move your wrist. On the flight plate it seems like you are going to be karate chopping or hammering with your palm facing towards the sky. On the rim you are going to have your hand out like a handshake and making more of a slapping motion. Am I wrong here?

Iíve watched a lot of tutorial videos and Iíve seen both techniques. It seems like the pad on the flight plate will give you power through the hammer motion with the fingers acting like the end of a pendulum. The pads on the rim you get your power more through the snap of the fingers.

Iíve also seen some tutorials (Iím thinking Jeremy Koling here and a couple others) where they have the center of the pad jammed into where the flight plate and the rim meet. I have no idea what wrist motion to use in this case.
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