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Originally Posted by BogeyNoMore View Post
I was in there about a month ago, and I'd say they probably have well over 200 discs: they're all in boxes that you need to slide out (off the shelf) in order able to see anything past the first few discs in the box .
Maybe 4-5 shelves x 4-5 boxes each = about 20 or so boxes, boxes worth of plastic (IIR: each box is about two feet deep ??), Located immediately infront of you when you walk in the store.
Quite frankly, they're a pain to hump through, and I've never seen anything out of the ordinary there.

While it is very convenient relative to Cass Benton Hills, I've never seen any organization to the discs they've had: Innova, Discraft, drivers, mids, different types of plastic, colors, weights... all thrown in the boxes rather haphazardly.

Say you know you want a 170 WhoKnowsWhat... you better have some time, 'cause it's hard to find what you're looking for. Kinda offsets the "convenience" factor IMHO.

But yeah, they've easily got over 200 discs.
Yep, just went there. My feet were KILLING me from squatting looking through 6 awkwardly full boxes of lots and lots of zones, ringers, impacts, gateway warlocks, aviar drivers, old weird colored surges, etc.

Discraft selection was pretty crappy. No buzzzes, Nukes, Surge SS's...
Lots of ESP Predators.

One 180 neon green yellow rancho roc and a clear 2012 Xmas Innova "TE" (was the abbreviation on the bottom)

(^just FYI)

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