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Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
I can throw Shocks 450' and they fly as advertised. Dunno what's going on with others. Mine hold hyzers in mild headwinds fine.
Nice. Looks like every throw on your Shock video has a slight hyzer to it from the start. Then straightens out or turns over, and then fades again for a nice shape.

I try to throw discs flat unless I know I need to make an adjustment to get the shape I want. But I have read lots of people arguing that drives are more predictable starting out with some hyzer (or anhyzer for a very overstable disc perhaps). For example, I've heard people say a spike hyzer throw is the most predictable. Probably time for me to try new things here.

When I throw my Shock flat is turns over right away and either keeps that line if I got a good hit on it, or might fade a bit at the end. If I do the same thing with my Volt, it turns slightly for a while, glides nicely, but dependably fades. My Amp never flips at all. So it seems to me they are not performing to the expectations of the disc.

Effectively, the Shock has become a dependable understable driver for me Had some great birdies with it, so I'm not complaining anymore, just not getting what I was expecting.
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