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Originally Posted by SteezeOG View Post
Z Drones are my favorite OS mid. It's the Predator of mids. The newest LE Z Drone run at DD is the best feeling plastic I think they've ever made. Even better than Tournament Pro. Any headwind or any shot I need to throw on an anny and have it flex out and fade hard I reach for the Z Drone. Get one and throw it until it beats to straight. Then get a new one and throw them both. You'll love it that much.
The newest LE Z Drones (small stamp and pink, blue, etc...) are a bit stiff- in cold weather they feel like stone. The earlier run of DD LE Z Drones were a bit tackier (the orange, yellow, white and black). The thick rim just doesn't lend itself to flexing at all. I picked up two of the new ones, and would definitely prefer two of the older ones. But it's all personal preference for sure.

I love the drone though, and never play a round without one. Only complaint is it can actually act fickle and flippy on agressive flick shots.
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