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Let me just post a comment from a few months back-- So true! look what happened...

Originally Posted by discspeed View Post

Even if you are a skilled thrower and used to testing different discs all the time (and this is even more true the farther away you are from good form/familiarity with different discs), when you throw a new disc you initially impart a little OAT on it. Often it's not even visible. This is especially true when throwing it near full power. It's also especially true when throwing something that "feels" different from what you normally practice with. This is because (my theory) each time you learn a new disc there is a touch of a learning curve in terms of grip and exactly how the disc sets in your hand to rip it most efficiently. I go through the discs in my collection that I've thrown a lot at some point and it's amazing how differently some of them fit in my hand. So until you figure out just how to clamp onto a new shape and release on perfect line with the direction of your power you will get at least a micro amount of OAT.

Now on most discs this is not much of an issue because a micro amount of OAT isn't going to drastically affect a disc's stability (especially today's wider rimmed drivers). However we all know that a little OAT can affect MVP's gyro weighted discs more profoundly. I remember when the Vector came out a lot of people were calling it flippy...I'd been using it for some time at that point and I though people were out of their minds. I even took like 10 different colors/weights/domes to a field and they were all some flavor of pretty darn overstable. This happened because people were getting OAT on it and it was flipping. Over time people grew comfortable with the grip/release and now if someone started a thread called "my new Vector is flippy" it would spark a huge backlash.

Some version of this has happened for every MVP release. I've found each mold less stable initially until I've thrown it for some time. Some discs feel more natural to me than others and this phenomenon is less dramatic, but it's still there.

So back to the Volt...If you averaged the out of the box stability of all the SPDs my Volts match the bottom 1/3 in stability. I've been really spinning them and I'm just not seeing hardly any turn from a flat release, even going 350' into a slight headwind.

I suspect that people are going to initially find the Volt flippy, but over time it will become one of those discs that points to form issues when someone is calling it flippy.