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Default Putting from circles edge and beyond

This isnt really something I have ever considered before today. But I throw 175g Magnets. I can put with them very straight up to circle's edge maybe a little shy. Any more than that I dont have the zip to reach the basket so it becomes a total guessing game with minimal success, usually resulting in the putt hyzer'ing out before it reaches the basket. When I try to jump putt it feels incredibly awkward and I am sure it looks terrible. No success there either. Putting from the 30-50 ft range for me is the hardest part of the game. Today I thought maybe getting a 150g putter for these ranges might help but I have never heard of anyone doing it. My putting style is somewhat similar to Will Schustericks. Pulling up the poll from my knee with a flick of the wrist at the end. Any help here anyone?
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