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Originally Posted by ian.w View Post
I'm not sure that I agree with this statement. I can only speak for myself, but this forum is the only place Ive ever heard people discuss high/low speed stability as two different things. Typically if a company advertises a disc as "slightly overstable" then I assume they are talking about the high speed portion of flight. I understand why some people feel upset with the stability, and I get why somepeople say its your own fault for buying a first run. I'm not sure which way I fell(haven't thrown mine yet). But I think it's a cop out to say we don't know which stability(high or low speed) MVP was referring to when they say "slightly overstable". That being said, I'm super pumped to try a newer shock, just not excited that I bought one already.
ZJ's talking about net stability -- that's what a single-metric rating like Discraft's is talking about. Something could be -1.5 / 3 and be overstable, but not HS overstable. Especially with control drivers you're looking at a net stability to represent the balance between stages, so an overall stable control driver can be a wide spectrum. Flights have many stages and breaking down HS/LS stability is the most simple division.
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