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Originally Posted by Aim For The Chains View Post
Its not the disc-- its your throw. There is no way you throw perfectly flat and cleanly and get totally opposite results as the majority here. I learned long ago not to listen to many of reviews on here (like yours above) because most of them are insane. EVERY DISC THAT COMES OUT seems to have this stability battle some being flippy etc yet everyyyyyyyy time I try a mold from the Lace, to the Saint, to the Volt and now the shock THEY FLY JUST AS ADVERTISED. Do people realize you can throw even the most FLIPPY POS on a hyzer line for good D if you have even the sliiiiiightest amount of disc control and understanding.

OK I'm done-- It is just reallllllly disheartening to see all these mixed reviews and opinions on a disc here when some people are REALLY TRYING TO GET GOOD INFORMATION AND A REAL UNDERSTANDING ITS IMPOSSIBLE! I feel like half the time it is the people throwing THE DISCS that are crazy not the manufactures... YES I KNOW SOME $^&# MOLDS GET INTO PRODUCTION BUT ON AVERAGE YOU PICK UP 5 OF ONE DISC AND THEY FLY SIMILAR WITH AN ODD DUCK HERE AND THERE.
Wow I drew a flame on a Disc Golf board. I am slightly proud of myself. I can certainly understand your frustration. Believe me when I say I am just looking for information here too. I'm just sharing what is happening on the course here. I certainly can be throwing it imperfectly, but I've been playing 3-5 times a week for that 2 years, and certainly know what stability feels like in a disc.

Glad to hear MVP is taking a look at the stability of the Shock. I'll probably pick one up and see what the difference feels like. I Use the Shock and Volt in my bag regularly now. There is no doubt in my mind that the particular Volt in my bag is more resistant to turning over with increased power. The Volt has become my main tunnel shot driver and I've now had birdy putts on a whole bunch of holes I have never had before. I use the Shock in similar situations where I have space to the right and can throw the disc with less power and still get a fairly straight shot with less fade at the end Or if I throw it with full power it will turn over predictably. I use a 172g Squall a lot for similar, but slightly shorter shots. When I need to go long and to the right, I have this 147g DD2 that never lived up to my expectations for the same kinds of reasons - It turns over and goes left when I throw it flat with good power, and that is just right on a few holes I can't reach with the Shock.

Anyway, I will be super excited to see a true long range driver from MVP with the Gyro technology. However, I do plan to wait a couple months after the discs come out to purchase next time from any manufacturer.

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