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What I've proposed for DN re: next-gen Shocks...

- We're out of stock Shocks right now, and our next order will be 100% new-type Shocks (confirmed today), so when we announce the restock of those, the description will have changed to note that they are all the new overstable-ized type. That takes care of the stock type.

- With the Skulboy/ZAM stamp I want to make a subtle but identifiable change to the die itself. I think I might grind off the word "THE". And we'll purge all the old ones and change the product description as well. Going forward with that custom edition, any Shocks with a "The Shock" stamp are the originals... the new overstable type will just read "Shock". So there will be First Runs with 2-foil stamp, discs from the FR with "The Shock", and then the new type with just "Shock". That's a nerd love letter from me to you, for the collectors and throwers who want to know 100% which type they're buying or trading or throwing.

There will be an announcement on DN's FB when we get the new ones live -- which ZJ said depends on our Tangent ordering schedule, which kinda depends on my Tangent custom stamp being approved soon. I'll post in here as well when the new ones are live.
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