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Originally Posted by Sid the Kid View Post
I hate to drag this out, but Westside molded and didn't sell giants because they weren't as stable as they wanted. They made us wait another 5-6 months.

Also they updated the flight numbers on the king to more truly reflect its true flight.

Not trying to detract from your point, but it seems like there is another quality disc manufacturer who cares.
It's not about who cares...It's about resources. Latitude is a financial juggernaut that came into the sport with more capital to burn than anyone ever had before them. They mold for Westside, and I'm pretty sure if the discs do not turn out to Westside's satisfaction they it's Latitude that's swallowing the cost. Westside didn't have to "learn" to make discs at all. On the other hand MVP started with nothing other than a loan the brothers got from a third party (which they paid off very quickly), and since has been reinvesting every dollar earned toward making the discs. I'm pretty sure they still don't pay themselves (tightwads). At any point if MVP would have made so great a mistake that they had to scrap 1000 discs it may have shut them down.

In other words these matters are a little too complicated for us to really play armchair quarterback as to who's motives are purer or who "cares" more as their is no real evidence of malicious intent. We are talking about 3 really solid companies (MVP, LAT, WS).
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