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Originally Posted by Discblaster View Post
Lol, I've never thrown a saint, but man, you're way off...

Underworld and a Vision? Maybe if the Underworld was a speed 10, or the Vision was a speed 7.

And if the Tursas was actually as Understable as the flight numbers would suggest, it wouldn't overlap Fuse. But I'll call a spade a spade, and agree that the first run Tursas' are very Fuse-like
LOL, the man says he's never thrown a Saint, but no way it can be anything like a Stag.

Underworld and Vision? Speed 8 and 7, same rim width.

Yeh, always compare same plastic...Opto Fuse and VIP Tursas.

Moral of story: these discs are very similar Lat 64/Westside molds with minor tweaks in order to claim slight differences in stability and speed ratings. Other examples...Flow/Sword, Bolt/King, etc.
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