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Originally Posted by xjohncandyx View Post
Not a whole lot of color variation in this run?
Presto correcto. Lots and lots of the same colors, and a sprinkle of disaster with 1 unique color in a hot weight.

Originally Posted by joshuajames View Post
What did Westside (Lat 64) make like 300 Stags and figure that's enough...yeah we'll send them 40 under 170, with limited colors.

I just hope that they have a second shipment before May. And it will include a wider variety of colors and lower weights.

Please Westside, please!
Haha... well one thing to remember is that the season's just kicking off and retailers aren't even expecting to stock/sell their normal in-season volume. A mega-high-profile release at the beginning of March took us by surprise. And the more models a company throws at retailers, the lower relative quantity they can stock. If it was JUST Stags and Underworlds one week, we'd probably have ordered more than 60ish of each.

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