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Originally Posted by Casual Squishy View Post
There's alot invoved there though that really can't be changed if a person is a truly unrated player.
Are the people who complain people who already know the winner and think that person should'nt have played that division in the first place? (and TDs cant go on hearsay so really, is it a person the TD already knows or has proof should be playing in a higher division.)
Or is the winner a total stranger and the complainers had their hats handed to them and feel it unfair because of that.
Was the winner truly playing at their normal skill level or did they have their hottest rounds of the summer in their first tournament?
I think it's probably just a result inherent in the starting division of anything maybe. IF the players do end up playing at the advanced level or even intermediate consistantly, they're probably not going to stay in rec for more then an event or two even if they're not PDGA members.
There's a hidden factor in the ratings themselves, is that 900 rated player a player that throws 910s and 890s consistantly or a player that throws alot 950s and 850s, the latter can have wild win/loss ratios for tournaments and the former plods along in the same relative position from tournament to tournament. A player under the 970ish level can have some pretty wide scores in a season or be consistant as a rock.
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