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"I haven't heard anyone mention it but one thing for sure is that Will making a bird on 18 turned out to be his saving grace. I would assume he knew that he had a 1 throw lead with one to play. Being that there was ob water on that hole most would play a conservative drive, lay up and tap out for par plus a 1 throw win. Even with a good drive and a 25 footer left for two I would lay that putt up to make sure no spit out could roll ob. If he didn't get that bird the scorecard penalty would of given the title to McBeast and no playoff needed."

Thought I would repost this since it got lost at the bottom of a fading thread a couple pages ago. How many of you would of gone for a two on that particular last hole with a 1 shot lead already? Then having the composure to park hole 1 in the playoff after that debacle, not sure too many players could step up an pull that off given the circumstances.
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