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Originally Posted by SteezeOG View Post
That's usually the way it is....but I take it you haven't played a DD event. I've never talked to a single player who walked away from one of their events who didn't feel like they got a lot more than they paid in. That goes for gear and the experience.

Mr. Raider- Stay in Cali bro. You're not cut out for Kansas life. We don't fold like laundry at the first sign of competition.
no you dont fold up like laundry.. you guys fly away with your tornados almost every year and then Oh well we goin to rebuild and again and again and again.. real bright peeps out there lol .. I might just go play de laveaga or head up to lake tahoe and play all those beautiful courses we have up there.. competition, ya i played am worlds last yr and top 20% were pro's playin Am.. enjoy tornado season KS
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